Aug 182014

If EPA will impose the new proposed standard for ground-level ozone, it may become the costliest U.S. regulation. The new pending standard would require states to reduce ozone level from the current 75 parts per billion to 60 ppb. According to an analysis conducted by NERA Economic Consulting, this would cost our economy about $270 billion annually! And there is no solid evidence that current ozone level presents any health hazard-  in 2008 the EPA itself concluded, and a federal court agreed, that the existing ozone standard does protect public health. Experts say that implementation of the new regulation would require cost-prohibitive modifications of power plants, businesses, heavy-duty and off-road vehicles, and even passenger cars. And certain new economic development would be precluded as well. But apparently EPA needs to justify somehow their $8-10 billion yearly budget, so they need to keep coming up with new regulations.